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Iodine Supplements

The most regularly observed signs and symptoms of iodine poisoning are abdominal pain, coughing and diarrhea as well as fever and delirium. An individual would experience pain into mouth and throat with such symptoms. Stupor and shock feelings in an individual who suffer from iodine poisoning could also be seen. An individual could suffer from such poisoning would rarely urinate and more often such individual would feel dehydrated.

In very infrequent circumstances, extreme situations regarding such poisoning would be observed. Moreover, an individual would extremely be thirsty or would not even fell any thirst at all. The some circumstances, an individual would frequently urinate or very rarely urinates. In addition, an individual would also suffer from breathing problems as well as from breathing shortly.

Moreover, an individual who suffer from iodine poisoning would experience having a metallic taste within the mouth. One of the commonly observed symptoms of iodine poisoning is seizures.

Also, an individual might appears to become anxious. The eyeballs of such individual may observed to be big and might appear to have a protruding effect. Another iodine poisoning signs are unusual sensitivity into the retina. An individual suffering from such poisoning could have a clear far-away vision; however his/her close vision would be weakened.

Associated to iodine poisoning, the loss of an individual’s appetite as well as insomnia would also be observed. Iodine poison effects could be the inflammation in the nerve tissue and the brain. Unexpected vibration within the eyes and brain could also be felt.


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