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Isocort - Top 5 Facts About Its Powerful Ingredients

Look for ingredients that are that are all natural and grown organically. What better substitute to put in the body than something that is all natural and no added chemicals. Look for products that contain freeze dried adrenal cortex that is harvested from sheep in New Zealand. A small amount of Echinacea Extract and Prunus and Lomatium dissectum root. All of this comes in an easy to swallow pellet and will provide results within just a couple of days of use and up to 21 days. It is best to take this supplement 2 pellets at 4 times a day. No more than 8 pellets daily to get the healthy dosage stable within your body.

Some natural products like Isocort help return the adrenal gland function back to normal. In about 16-19 months, it returns the gland to a healthy, normal state. It doesn't just stop there. If you are a person suffering from allergens, this medication will help your system become less sensitive to triggers and allergens itself. Also fatigue will no longer be an issue since it helps put some pep back into your step. So there is many great benefits a person can experience once this supplement gets into the system.

Some products provide just enough help and support within your body so that the adrenal glands have time to rebuild itself. Taking the suggested dosage can help your symptoms to diminish. But if you over take the supplement it will cause the medication to back fire thus ending in your glands becoming more lazy and not work as it is intended for. Keeping the dosage stable will keep the see-saw effect from occurring and your body's functions will level and operate like it should.

To maximize results it is best to avoid all stimulants. Coffee, caffeine containing products, white sugar, white flour, or anything that contains these ingredients. If you worry about withdrawal from caffeine just start slowly reducing your intake until you are completely off of it. It is also best to add more protein to your diet if you don't take in a good bit before hand. Vitamin C is very important to take with this supplement and is recommended in the amount of 2,000 mg and at lunch another 1,000 mg. And last but not least never skip breakfast. It helps regulate blood sugars by eating 5-6 small meals a day rather than 3 large ones.

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