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Isocort Bezwecken Brings Relief to Adrenal Fatigue Sufferers

Isocort is a medicine taken to combat adrenal fatigue. It works by supplying a standardized, low dose of cortisol to allow fatigued adrenal glands to recover, and over time, it can restore normal adrenal function. Isocort, which is made by Bezwecken, is available without a prescription.

In times of emotional or physical stress, the adrenal glands start releasing large amounts adrenalin into the body. This makes one awake, alert and perhaps a bit on edge. In our ancient ancestors, the release of adrenalin was necessary for the burst of speed and strength known as the "fight or flight" response. In a natural setting full of predators, this response probably saved the lives of countless early humans. However, situations like that rarely last for long. The predator either catches you or gives up, and your adrenalin level drops.

The problem of adrenal fatigue occurs because in the modern world, stress lasts for longer periods of time. Many of us go from one stressful situation to another, constantly hurrying and worrying about things. In addition, many people do not get enough sleep, which increases their fatigue and makes the problem worse. Because of these factors, our fight or flight response becomes extended for much longer periods than it did in ancient times, and our adrenalin levels stay high for longer than they should.

When this goes on for a long time, the adrenal glands become fatigued and lose the ability to produce adrenalin at normal levels. The result of this is chronic fatigue and a host of other symptoms including heightened allergic response, food cravings, anxiety and lack of energy.

Isocort is designed to provide a standard dose of cortisol, the chemical excreted by the adrenal glands, which allows the overworked glands to recuperate. Dosage is critical in these cases; too little cortisol would fail to do any good, while too much would allow the adrenal glands to get lazy and stop producing cortisol.

There are various herbal preparations intended to combat adrenal fatigue, but these do not contain a standard, reliable dose of cortisol. With herbal products, there may be some variation in the amount of cortisol from one tablet to another. Since dosage is extremely important in these cases, this can decrease the effectiveness of the treatment.

On the other hand, the Isocort Bezwecken manufactures delivers the required amount of cortisol with each dose, aiding the adrenal glands without making them lazy. Since the glands are no longer overworked, they tend to eventually return to their normal level of cortisol production. In severe cases, this could take several months, but the patient usually notices some improvement in their feeling within a few weeks.

The response to Isocort Bezwecken has been overwhelmingly good. Many satisfied users have posted favorable comments on health blogs. They mention feeling more energetic and enthusiastic, sleeping better and in some cases, noticing a reduction in allergic reactions. Some users say that they feel better than they have felt in years. There are very few unfavorable comments.

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