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Isocort Dosing- Getting the Most Out of Your Product

Stress, fatigue, anxiety, trouble waking up, allergies, inflammation.... Many of these symptoms may be attributed to reduced cortisol levels from adrenal fatigue. According to www.endocrineweb.com, the adrenal glands are two tiny glands "located on the top of both kidneys" that work to release and regulate the body's adrenaline chemicals. During times of extreme stress, improper nutrition and poor sleep patterns, these glands can become overworked and fatigued, effecting our bodies and our general well being.

Isocort is a natural supplement designed to provide gentle support in restoring adrenal functions and has been widely reported to improve the symptoms caused by adrenal fatigue. In addition to using an Isocort supplement, certain practices can also help to improve adrenal functioning. Below is a list of recommendations for getting the most out of your Isocort Supplement:

- Avoid caffeine and stimulants.
Ideally, eliminate coffee, tea, dark chocolate and other stimulants from your diet during a trial of Isocort. If coffee or caffeine can not be eliminated entirely, work to minimize the amount of caffeine consumed as much as possible over a period of several weeks, so as to avoid the stress of withdrawal symptoms.

- Avoid sugar and refined white flour containing products.

- Get proper rest and begin an earlier bedtime routine.
This regulation of sleep patterns is a natural way to support the adrenal system. Going to bed by 10 pm is recommended as the body does most of it's natural restoring and detoxifying between 11 pm to 1 am. Some evidence suggests that sleeping in total darkness helps the body's hormone and chemical production, so try sleeping with light blocking curtains and closed doors.

- Increase protein consumption to a healthy level.
If you aren't getting enough protein, begin to add healthy sources to your daily diet, such as the protein found in lean meats.

- Don't forgo breakfast and eat frequently throughout the day.
Five to six meals per day, or regular healthy snacks in between meals, should be eaten in order to keep blood sugar levels stabilized.

- Take a vitamin c supplement.
It's advised to take 2000 mg in the morning with breakfast followed by an additional 1000 mg at lunch time.

- Do not exceed recommended dosage.
Because Isocort is intended to aid in the body's recovery process, and not to be a substitute for natural adrenalin production, it is not recommended to take more than 8 pellets of Isocort per day without the recommendation of a doctor.

Taking the proper Isocort Dosing in conjunction with following the above listed guidelines can optimize the effectiveness of this product and speed the recovery of overworked adrenal glands.

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