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Isocort Side Effects - What You Should Know

The two endocrine glands above each kidney are the adrenals. They are responsible for our stamina, energy, emotional balance, blood sugar regulation, coping with stress, thyroid function, allergy prevention, and regulating inflammatory processes. If our adrenals aren't working properly, the major symptom is fatigue. This fatigue isn't just being tired at the end of a long work day, but a constant feeling of weakness and extreme fatigue that makes it very hard to just get through a normal day.

Some natural products are over-the-counter supplements made to alleviate these symptoms and to get the energy and stamina that is necessary back to the body. Some people may try to do this by drinking more fluids that contain caffeine, but unfortunately caffeine in high doses will cause nervousness and an inability to get the proper sleep. Some products doesn't work that way. It will bring back energy without the jitters. Caffeine has also been determined to cause fatigue because it can cause stress and keep us up at night. For those who still drink a lot of coffee or other beverages that contain caffeine while taking these products, they may think that their nervousness is caused by these products' side effects, but it is really the opposite.

Some of the reasons that there are so few side effects are the natural ingredients that are in the product. The compounds are grown or raised organically or wildcrafted. A small amount of echinacea extract is included for calmness. The pellet base of lactase and lactose includes prunus and lomatium dissectum root isolate. Adrenal cortex that is freeze-dried and obtained from New Zealand sheep that are raised naturally is also part of the effective ingredients.

Even though there are very few side effects, they still need to be mentioned. A hypersensitive person may feel tension or too much stimulation in very rare cases. If this happens, they should simply lower their dose. Sleepiness may also be felt in some people, but that could be because they take the these products too late in the day. They could simply take these products earlier in the day.

Another important fact about any possible side effects is to be careful about how long you plan to take this supplement. Six months or less would be best. If it is taken for too long a time the adrenals may start producing less hormones than they are supposed to. Be sure to create a plan for your supplementation, and also do other lifestyle changes such as sleeping more and using less or no stimulants. The fatigue should disappear over a gradual period of time.

Adrenal fatigue doesn't need to go on. Taking these products as directed can eliminate that tired feeling so you can feel like yourself again.

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