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Kavinace Ingredients

Kavinace Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Kavinace Supplement Facts Recommended Use: Adults: Take 1 to 2 capsules one to two times daily. Do not exceed 6 capsules per day. Use under the supervision of a licensed health care professional.

Warning: If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your health care professional before use.

Note: Keep out of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

Promotes Sleep and Reduces Anxiousness by Supporting GABA

Kavinace contains 4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid and Taurine to help support inhibitory neurotransmitters. Taurine functions as an inhibitory amino acid, acts as a GABA agonist, may increase GABA synthesis, prevent GABA breakdown and block GABA reuptake. All of these effects enhance GABA function. 4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid is a GABA derivative that agonizes GABA receptors and easily crosses the blood-brain barrier.

4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid

4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid is a GABA derivative known for its ability to alleviate symptoms of anxiousness and sleep difficulties. 4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid easily crosses the blood-brain barrier where it binds to GABA receptors and may have inhibitory effects on the excitatory neurotransmitter, PEA.


Taurine is an inhibitory amino acid that increases the effects of GABA by enhancing the interaction with its receptor.

GABA Inhibitory Neurotransmitter

GABA is a true neurotransmitter and is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter of the brain, occurring in 30-40% of all synapses. GABA is second only to glutamate, the brain’s major excitatory neurotransmitter. The GABA concentration in the brain is 200-1000 times greater than that of the monoamines or acetylcholine. The primary function of GABA is to prevent overstimulation. It does so by compensating for glutamate activity.; When GABA activates its receptor it causes negative ions to flow into the cell preventing depolarization. Glutamate can depolarize the cell and form an action potential by causing positive ions to flow into the cell when it activates its receptors. Overall, GABA regulates the activity of glutamate by preventing depolarization of the cell, therefore, preventing overstimulation.

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