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Kavinace NeuroScience

NeuroScience, the manufacturer of Kavinace specializes in creating effective health supplements that affect the body's neurotransmitters. Their high-quality products have been proven through extensive testing in the laboratory to move indicators of neurotransmitters in the body. NeuroScience Inc. is continually searching for newer and better solutions to address the body's imbalances.

NeuroScience, Inc. - History

NeuroScience, Inc. was incorporated in 1999. At this time, Dr. Gottfried Kellermann was operating a laboratory that tested a multitude of clinical parameters, including everything from basic blood chemistry to endocrinology markers. Included in his testing menu were two discreet urinary markers, epinephrine and norepinephrine, which, at the time, were being used for the identification of an adrenal tumor called pheochromocytoma. Over time, as the amount of patient data on these markers accumulated, Dr. Kellermann noticed significant variation amongst those who did not have pheochromocytoma. As a trained population geneticist, this had significant implications, and thus began the use of urinary neurotransmitter testing for the assessment and correction of neurotransmitter-related disorders.

NeuroScience, Inc. initially offered four basic neurotransmitters: serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. Without any clinically relevant reference ranges to compare the lab values to, Dr. Kellermann set out to establish what is known as the “optimal range” for neurotransmitters. He collected samples from ~300 individuals between the ages of 25-35, a mix of males and females. These individuals were “apparently healthy”, with no clinical diagnoses or medication use. The neurotransmitter results of this population set the benchmark for what NeuroScience, Inc. has determined is “optimal”. Through years of comparison and evaluation, the optimal ranges have stood the test of time.

With neurotransmitter lab results in hand and a useful range for comparison, many practitioners found this new realm of assessment quite intriguing. However, they were left with a major question, what now? It's one thing to pinpoint an imbalance, it’s another to be able to effectively do something about it. With that in mind, Dr. Kellermann began researching the various means to address neurotransmitter imbalances. Given our initial four neurotransmitters, his research led him to the formulation of products that specifically targeted serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. Using ingredients such as 5-HTP, tyrosine, and L-dopa, NeuroScience was able to manipulate neurotransmitter levels, and concretely demonstrate that through urinary neurotransmitter testing. This was a major breakthrough for the nutraceutical industry; a company was able to show a quantitative difference in a patient’s workup through supplementation. More importantly, people were getting better.

The concept of identifying specific neurotransmitter imbalances and supplementing these imbalances with neurotransmitter precursors was proving quite effective. As it evolved, NeuroScience, Inc. coined the term “Nutritional NeuroModulation™”. Effective as it was, Dr. Kellermann’s inquisitive mind knew there had to be more to the puzzle than four transmitters and a couple amino acids. It’s that inquisitive nature that has led NeuroScience, Inc. to where it is today. As the industry leader in assessing and addressing neurotransmitter-related disorders, NeuroScience, Inc. has grown its testing menu to include 16 different neurotransmitters, neuromodulators, amino acids, and metabolites. Assessing that many parameters warranted the need for ways to correct the imbalances. As such, NeuroScience, Inc. has developed more than 25 formulas that specifically address the spectrum of neurotransmitter imbalances.

If history is a predictor of the future, then the future of neurotransmitter manipulation looks pretty bright. The amount of information coming out of this field is growing exponentially, and NeuroScience, inc. is proud to be at the forefront. We continue to search for relevant markers and develop highly effective products to address imbalances of the body’s communication systems. Through Better Science, we aim to create Better Health.

Source: NeuroScience, Inc.

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