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L Arginine Recommended Dose

L-arginine is generally produced by both the kidneys as well as the liver with minute amounts. The human body usually has a sufficient L-arginine amount; however certain genetic disorders, burns or injuries and severe infections could result in a deficiency on L-arginine. Since L-arginine performs as an antioxidant, supplement amino acid which contains L-arginine are somewhat popular.

As stated earlier, the human body produces a sufficient amount of L-arginine wherein an individual does not actually need to take supplement of L-arginine. Most physicians recommend that a typical dosage of a pill form L-arginine could be about 2 to 3 grams for several times each day and with about 9 grams maximum dosage for a single day. However, it is also recommended that the better way in supplementing a regular diet with such amino acid is by taking L-arginine enriched foods which include legumes, nuts and sunflower seeds as well as dairy products.

When a person is planning to take L-arginine supplements, it is recommended to begin supplementation with a relatively minute dosage following consultation of health doctor. A person could make sure whether he/she attained the desired outcome within 3 or 4 weeks of supplementation.

The required L-arginine supplementation could vary from a person to another person wherein individuals might have different deficiency levels. Studies are still confirming the L-arginine dosages consequences, from a dose of 500 milligrams a day, for certain conditions of about 2000 milligrams of dose a day as well as for some others dosages wherein the perfect dosage hasn’t so far been undoubtedly suggested for certain usages.

Consequently, an individual are forced to follow the label and directions of such supplementation products. An individual must discuss their health troubles with health doctor before using supplements of L-arginine. Nursing and pregnant women as well as children must avoid using such supplements, since the safeness has still been uncertain.


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