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L Arginine as an Amino Acid

L-Arginine is considered to be an essential amino acid. It is needed to create urea, a waste product that is needed to remove toxic ammonia from the body. Even though the body makes L-Arginine naturally, some additional supplements may be needed in people with low protein levels, a high production of ammonia, infections, sepsis, or burns. L-Arginine is changed into nitric oxide in the body. This helps the blood vessels to relax which may help in treating such medical conditions as clogged arteries, heart failure, chest pain and coronary heart disease. It also makes the body create protein which has been studied for wound healing, body building, enhanced sperm production and to prevent wasting in critically ill patients. 

Scientists are not sure how much Arginine is needed and many doses have been used and studied. They have come to a conclusion that taking two to three grams three times a day is the proper amount. If supplementation is needed, some natural resources are walnuts, hazelnuts, brown rice, raisins, coconuts, chocolate, corn, pecans, dairy products, and meats.  Some side effects can include stomach discomfort, low blood pressure, an increase in blood sugar levels and extreme changes in chemicals and electrolytes produced in the body. It can also worsen symptoms in people who suffer from asthma. In general, most people do not need to take supplements, but for those who do, caution is advised.


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