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L Glutamine for the Immune System

L-glutamine is an essential amino acid used by the human body cells in order to build protein. Protein is produced by the cell found in the muscle tissue; it is a compound nitrogen-containing substance that consists of chains of amino acid.

Each of the L-Glutamine supplements contains a preventive ingredient which prevents infraction of muscles. Thus, vitality of the human muscles will improve. People who tend to lose excess fats undergo rapid exercises; as a result muscle of the body is being abused. Many of these people who do backbreaking workouts preferred to take this supplement for fighting destructive metabolism called catabolism.

 Fights catabolism

Catabolism usually gained due to extensive exercises where in it happens during the release of too much energy and to be followed by the breaking down of muscle’s complex materials.

Strengthens immune system

Immune system of our body is the system responsible in giving resistance against sicknesses. Maintaining L-Glutamine is very much needed keeping our body’s immune system strong. You will know if your body is running out of L-glutamine if you are feeling stress or under anxiety, likewise having common symptoms of sicknesses like cold or flu.

Food sources of L-glutamine

To avoid sickness replenish our body’s immune system by eating foods that are rich in L-glutamine. If you want to obtain L-glutamine naturally, poultry products like meat and fish are one of best contributor of L-glutamine, foods like dairy products and beans are also good sources of L-glutamine. L-glutamine is also manufactured medically to a form of pills, powder, tablet or capsules that can be found to any of the fitness provider store.

L-glutamine can be taken safe regularly as our body’s daily supplement but make it sure that you would not exceed the amount of dosage which your doctor prescribed as well as do not ignore the  advices regarding the proper intake of each supplement to avoid any problems of side effects.


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