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L Lysine Treatment on Cold Sore

The L-lysine use for the treatment of cold sores is not something new. In fact, for more than decades, l-lysine is being used as a potential treatment for cold sores. There are known amino acids in relation to cold sores, these are identified as arginine and lysine. Such amino acids are both observed having contradictory effects on cold sores. Wherein the arginine is contributing in the outbreak of cold sore, lysine helps out in restraining such outbreaks.

L-arginine performs like a platform for the growth of HSV wherein the virus which causes cold sores feeds on such arginine eventually becomes stronger. The HSV could grow, replicate, reproduce and multiply when it is given a sufficient amount of arginine. On that same instance, lysine is observed to hampers the HSV by disrupting the absorption of another amino acid L-arginine within the intestines.  By the disruption such absorption, lysine could actually prevent the virus from growing further thereby it prevents the outbreak of cold sore. It can also retard the virus growth and stops the virus from replicating further.

The lysine effectiveness for cold sores would increase when supplements of L-lysine are taken together with bioflavonoids, zinc and vitamin C. Such added nutrients work together with lysine wherein it inhibits reproduction and growth of HSV. It also helps out in strengthening and healing of the skin. For cold sores L-lysine is an effectual treatment alternative, there are also certain available home medication for cold sore treatment which anyone could use for fast process of healing.

A person should eat l-lysine enriched foods such as dairy products and meats. It is also beneficial to take supplements of L-lysine together with regular diet in order to provide a sufficient amount of L-lysine in the body. Dosage of L-lysine for cold sores must be about 1250 milligrams each day or maybe higher depending on the person. A much lesser than 1250 milligrams dosage each day might not conduce to the necessary outcome.


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