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L Lysine as an Essential Amino Acid

L-lysine is a vital amino acid which means it is essential for human health. The human body could not produce it and so lysine has to be acquired from consumption of food. Such amino acids L-lysine are also proteins building blocks. In which L-lysine plays an important role for normal growth. It also performs an essential part in the manufacturing of carnitine which is a nutrient capable of transforming fatty acids into a form of energy as well as helping out on lowering   cholesterol levels. L-lysine has shown to be beneficial in the human body on absorbing calcium and which plays an important role in the production of collagen, a substance essential for the bone as well as connective tissues which includes the cartilage, the skin, and tendons.

Majority of individuals acquire sufficient L-lysine with their diets. However, athletes need more L-lysine that they could get while vegetarians which do not acquire that much protein might need more L-lysine intakes. Having insufficient L-lysine could cause agitation dizziness, and fatigue. It could also cause anemia, appetite loss, as well as reproductive disorders. For vegetarians, they could eat high enriched protein foods such as beans, lentils and peas which are the best L-lysine sources.

Certain research has discovered that L-lysine intake on a regular basis can be helpful in preventing cold sore outbreaks and genital herpes as well. However, not all research has shown optimistic results. One research had discovered that L-lysine intakes within the start of herpes outbreak didn't alleviate the symptoms.

Some researchers considered that L-lysine might be helpful preventing bone loss    which is linked with osteoporosis. Laboratory research recommends that L-lysine together with another amino acid L-arginine makes the bone building cells much improved and enhanced collagen production. However, no research have been made finding out whether L-lysine helps in the prevention of osteoporosis.


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