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L Lysine on Herpes Treatment

A study shows that regular L-lysine intake could possibly prevent herpes as well as cold sores outbreaks. Typically L-lysine has a significant downbeat effect on the development and reproduction of virus which causes herpes. Consequently, such amino acid L-lysine restrains virus reproduction and hampers the development of herpes.

In relation with L-lysine, an amino acid known as arginine could actually aggravate herpes outbreak. Studies have revealed that the increase of L-lysine availability in some way suppresses the arginine utilization which hinders the reproduction rate of herpes virus. Therefore, for the treatment of herpes as well as the prevention symptoms on oral and genital herpes, an individual who suffers from such illness should eat a high in L-lysine diet and must contain a low arginine amount.

Individual who are suffering from persistent attacks of herpes could consider having supplements of L-lysine with regards their treatment programs on herpes which helps in fighting against the herpes virus as well suppress the symptoms of such virus. In addition, increasing the intake on zinc and vitamin C could help out in restoring and for more efficient healing and regeneration of the skin damaged by such virus.

The recommended intake of L-lysine for the prevention of herpes is about 1,250 milligrams of dose a day while higher dosages are recommended with serious herpes in order to restrain the transmission rate of the virus.

Consequently, as a typical supplement the dosage of L-lysine for herpes could vary regarding the severity of an individual’s condition, it is always best to follow the suggestion of health doctor as well as being aware of various side effects and benefits of the supplementation on L-lysine before using it. Therefore, the L-lysine supplements for herpes must be used only under the direction of any qualified health doctors for more effective and much safer use.


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