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L Theanine Regarding Side Effects and Some Important Recommendations

L Theanine Regarding Side Effects and Some Important Recommendations

This ingredient is contained in EndoTrex, TheaNAQ, EndoPlus, and TravaCor


L-theanine or also just simply called theanine is an amino acid which could be found on green tea and is widely used today as food supplements. There are no recognized side effects on L-theanine. On the other hand, perhaps this basically means that there are no reports of side effects with regards to L-theanine in either of some case reports or on clinical researches.

It is not accurately graspable on how the amino acid takes place. For anxiety, it may work by gamma amino butyric acid or simply called GABA levels which chemical inside the brain that is naturally relaxing substance. It may as well raise the levels of serotonin within the brain. It is considered that this substance could also guard the nerves inside brain from harm which is observed with Alzheimer's disease.

At this point in time there are still no distinguished L-theanine side effects. Even though no harms that have been stated case reports or on clinical researches, it doesn’t signifies that there are no potential side effects. If you encounter some L-theanine unusual reactions make certain to inform your healthcare source, as your source may feel freely to inform these problems which could help to identify some side effects.

More probably, this reveals a lack of researches greatly sufficient to discover side effects; it conceivably does not show that L-theanine actually free from any side effects. Animal researches implied that L-theanine possibly does not cause considerable side effects on rats. On a certain study, enlarged tumors on kidneys were seen in rats that where L-theanine exposed, while the specifics of the study implied that the tumors were almost certainly are not associated with L-theanine.

Regarding your own safety be more aware and let your healthcare source know if you experience some side effects that might possibly be linked to L-theanine. Your healthcare source would surely be concerned in such potential side effects mainly if they are predominantly serious or remarkable.

It is advised to let your healthcare source to be informed know if you develop somewhat abnormal effects throughout L-theanine dosages.  Your healthcare source would perhaps be capable of diagnosing and might as well take care of the problem although it might not be any side effects.

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