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L Theanine on Safe Dosages

L Theanine on Safe Dosages

This ingredient is contained in EndoTrex, TheaNAQ, EndoPlus, and TravaCor


L-theanine is exceptionally safe. According to Japan Food Additive Association, there are no dietary restrictions on L-theanine ingestion. For limitless use on every food, L-theanine was approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare in the year 1964 but with the exclusion of baby foods.

The proposed usage of L-theanine is that of physical and mental relaxant which does not stimulate sleepiness. Generally, it could well be taken at the initial signs of nervous tension or stress even though there is no situated dosage schedule for L-theanine. L-theanine is most effectual in 50-200 milligrams range with the outcome being felt within just a span of 30 minutes time and lasts for 8-10 hours which are based on the results and conclusions of clinical researches. Persons with elevated levels of stress could increase their L-theanine dosage to 100 milligrams at least but with no further than 600 milligrams dose in a period of 6 hour time. Maximum dosages of 1200 milligrams every day were recommended by the Food and Drug Administration, even though the basis for this limit was unclear maybe perhaps due to its confirmed safety. There are no identified unfavorable feedbacks to L-theanine and no medication interactions have been accounted. L-theanine is unaffected by food and could possibly be taken as required anytime. More likely, L-theanine capsules could be opened and mixed in water since it has a mild flavor. Even though it could as well possibly not dangerous for nursing and pregnant mothers, it is not advised to be taken by them according to imminent decisive studies.

Studies into L-theanine were consequential from the ambiguous learning that green tea creates an extremely relaxing effect with its high content of caffeine. The apparently wide-ranging basis for this calming effect will be continually being studied. Present areas of continuous research consist of L-theanine usage as a substitute to Ritalin in adults as well as children. L-theanine could discover a further area of function for its usage such as supplement in decreasing the harmful caffeine side effects which are brought on by excessive consumption carbonated drinks as well as coffee, or some various caffeine containing beverages.

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