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L Theanine

L Theanine

This ingredient is contained in EndoTrex, TheaNAQ, EndoPlus, and TravaCor


A non-protein amino acid, L-theanine is found merely in teas which constitutes within 1 to 2 percent of the dried out mass of tea leaves. In a green tea leaves L-theanine is a principal amino acid which gives the tea its distinctive 5th taste or what they call umami. With its neurological physical benefits researchers attempted to extract L-theanine from the leaves of green tea that were previously expensive, intricate and inefficient. By now inexpensively practical process of manufacturing identical L-theanine currently exists and does not need any tea leaves.

L-theanine supports the improvement of the dopamine neurotransmitter and enhances alpha waves within the brain. It can also calm down a person, develops its memory and quality of sleep as well. Additional benefits of L-theanine consist of mending the cranial vascular system which prevents dementia and it helps out the immune system by the form of an antigen which enhances the formation of interferon.

The soothing effect of green tea might seem incongruous to the stimulatory capability of caffeine content on teas however it could be explained simply by the exploit of L-theanine. This amino acid in fact works destructively against the caffeine stimulating effects into the nervous system. Study on human tests has confirmed that L-theanine produces a sense of calmness in just about 30 to 40 minutes one the time of intake through the two diverse mechanisms. The first is when having a deep state calmness and neurological alertness in relation to what is attained with meditation, the amino acid stimulates the creation of alpha waves directly in the brain. The second is the involvement of L-theanine in the formation of GABA or gamma amino butyric acid which an inhibiting neurotransmitter. GABA controls the serotonin and dopamine levels creating the feelings of deep calming effect.

Finally L-Theanine could then also be utilized as a mediator in lowering the blood pressure to appreciably lesser stage. This is because of its inhibiting effect on the levels of noradrenaline which is a neurotransmitter that is associated with the blood pressure regulation in the body. These are the particularly basic and the major L-Theanine usages. But then its uses and benefits don’t simply stops at this point, studies never ends.

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