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- Natural components with known antimicrobial and antiviral action - Herbal anti-inflammatory - Botanical and nutrient immune system support - New formulation provides 4:1 extract of Larrea tridentata (600 mg equivalent) - Contains additional antioxidant ingredients

LARREA TRIDENTATA has been in existence for over 12,000 years and has been scientifically documented as the oldest living plant on earth. To the native tribes of the Southwestern desert in the United States, it was often referred to as “medicine chest.”

Larrea tridentata’s ability to prevent virus replication, particularly against the herpes virus, caught the attention of clinicians. The herpes virus is extremely prevalent in most of the world. The herpes family of viruses is made up of approximately 80 distinct types of viruses, and it is probable that some type of herpes virus will affect nearly everyone in their lifetime.

Although the symptoms of herpes may not be obvious, new research tells us that the viruses are quite active, inflicting constant, cumulative damage to the critical organs in our bodies as they replicate at a low level throughout our lives. Because herpes viruses are excellent at evading the forces of the immune system, we have often felt defenseless against these viruses.

Larrea has demonstrated invaluable promise in the fight against numerous herpes virus conditions. Larrea’s active constituents function as powerful antioxidants that also assist in inhibiting viral replication. By stopping the invasion and survival of herpes virus in the body, further destruction of healthy cells is alleviated.

The active antiviral compounds of the larrea plant have now been formulated with other herbs and nutrients known to have antimicrobial and immunesupport action.

ZINC is a biologically essential trace element and a vital cofactor in many biological processes including DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis. Zinc also plays a role in immune function and wound healing. Research shows that zinc supplementation promotes cell-mediated immune response, including natural killer cells and T-lymphocyte activity. This arm of the immune system is activated during the body’s defense against viral infections. In addition, zinc has shown specific antiviral activity against the herpes virus.

PROPALIS is a resinous material from poplar and conifer buds used by bees for hive maintenance. Propalis has been used medicinally for abscesses and wound healing since 350 B.C. The potent flavanoids found in propolis exhibit antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal activity. In addition, propolis extract has powerful antioxidant effects and suppresses inflammatory metabolism.

L-LYSINE has been reported to reduce viral replication by modulating the production of arginine. L-lysine provides nutritional support for the body’s natural defense against infections. When taken orally, L-lysine has been shown to reduce replication of the herpes virus and decrease severity and healing time.

VITAMIN C, MELISSA OFFICINALIS & OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT’s active constituents have demonstrated potent immune support and antioxidant properties. Together they provide important protection against tissue-damaging free radicals and maintain normal immune cell defenses.

Click here to Buy LarreaPlus by BioGenesis

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