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Lifestyle Factors In Decreasing Cortisol Levels

Lifestyle Factors In Decreasing Cortisol Levels

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Life is a bundle of chaotic interludes, intersecting one after another. Stress is the number one culprit for cancer and for all the other major terminal illnesses around the globe. That is a frightening fact for every individual who wants to live a healthy and stress-free life, although, a bit of stress here and there is healthy as it boosts your natural responses and energizes your mind and body altogether. The danger sets in though when it crosses the normal patterns of stress-related incidences and makes your system erratic and out of balance.

There are factors that can decrease the cortisol levels which could attribute to better health. Cortisol is a useful hormone secreted by the adrenal gland, responsible for the fight or flight response that individuals make whenever they are in stressful situations. Every person has their own stress limits and responses to a variety of stressors in the environment. However, sometimes, overproduction of cortisol has dangerous setbacks for persons that may include lowering immunity levels, increasing blood sugar, and unwanted weight gain. All of which are proven to be hazardous to our overall well-being.

There are helpful factors that may decrease cortisol levels to a healthy ground. Lifestyle factors like going on a well-balanced diet is very important in achieving this purpose. Go for a protein diet like eating lots of lean cuts of fish and meat. You may also incorporate Omega 3 and Vitamin C enriched foods such as whole grain nuts and beans and fruits such as pears and apples. Also, exercise regularly and learn to relax and do meditations or hit the sauna for a whole body massage. Pamper yourself often and get a good night sleep whenever you can.

A great life is not about eliminating stress altogether because that is quite futile; but letting it work to your utmost advantage every time.

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