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Lipoic Acid Therapeutic Uses

Lipoic acid has been broadly being utilized in Germany for decades with the treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Such condition caused by diabetes which the nerves that leads into the arms and the legs turn out to be damaged and results to lack of sensation, soreness, and further symptoms. An additional set of nerves could as well be damaged with diabetes and in the autonomic nerves that manages the internal organs. As soon as this takes place inside the heart which known to be the cardiac autonomic neuropathy, this directs to an irregularities rhythm of the heart. There are a number of evidence that supplementation on lipoic acid could be beneficial in dealing such conditions.

First round and rarely opposing evidence recommends that lipoic acid can develop other factor of diabetes which includes control of blood sugar and the improvement of long-termed problems for example heart, kidney as well as small blood vessel diseases.

Diverse substantiation exists for the beneficial utilization of lipoic acid in treating burning mouth syndrome or simply known as BMS which is a condition described by unsolved scalding feelings inside the mouth. Insubstantial evidence suggests that usage of lipoic acid may help out on preventing headaches such as migraine.

In a research on animals it shows that lipoic acid could be helpful in the prevention of aged associated hearing impairment. Likewise insubstantial evidence shows that lipoic acid could also be beneficial for glaucoma and for reduction of side effects specifically on cardiac toxicity of the cancer chemotherapy treatment doxorubicin. Further usages in which lipoic acid have been anticipated includes the prevention of heart disease and cancer as well as the treatment and prevention of cataracts.


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