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Lipoic Acid as the Inner Bodyguard

Lipoic Acid - Also goes by alpha Lipoic Acid, resides in every cell of the body. This fatty sulfur containing acid helps to develop the energy that keeps us alive. Lipoic Acid helps to prevent cell damage by helping our bodies to eliminate harmful substances. Working in both water and fat, this antioxidant neutralizes chemicals called "free radicals". Although they do naturally occur, they're harmful. Free radicals create harmful chemical reactions that can and will damage the cells that are in our bodies. If that was to happen just imagine how difficult it would be for our bodies to fight off infections. Opening up our bodies, increasing the chances of getting diseases such as cancer and liver disease etc..... Places like Germany and Europe have been using Lipoic Acid to treat those that had problems in which Lipoic Acid could possibly help. Studies that have been taken show that Lipoic Acid can help with numbness and reduce pain in people that have nerve damage. Speaking of studies, there are several that shows that Lipoic Acid could be and is used to treat other diseases or problems. To name a few...........  . Burning mouth syndrome  . Cancer prevention  . Cataracts Prevention  . Diabetes . Glaucoma  . Heart disease Prevention  . Liver Disease  . Migraine Headaches  . Sun-damaged skin When our bodies are healthy it produces well over enough Lipoic Acid to support its needs.

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