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Lipoic Acid in Brief

Most foods contain some amount of Lipoic acid. Organ meat such as liver and heart often carry higher levels of Lipoic acid than regular muscle meat. Broccoli and spinach also have elevated levels of this antioxidant. Due to the low occurrence of Lipoic acid in foods, about 30mg per 10 tons of liver, the type sold as a dietary supplement is often times synthesized. In the mid 1950’s research was conducted that showed that some diseases responded well to treatment with high doses of Lipoic acid. Most of these illnesses were related to organ failure, diabetes, and late life cognitive disorders such as dementia.

One of the key antioxidant features of lipoic acid is that it seems to help prevent deficiencies in both vitamin C and vitamin E. Lipoic acid occurs in two different forms, R lipoic acid, and S lipoic acid. As a nutritional supplement R lipoic acid is over all regarded as superpious to the cheaper S lipoic acid. S lipoic acid is considered safe and non-toxic for the most part, however it has demented some levels of toxicity in rats that were afflicted with a thiamine deficient rats, though no known symptoms of toxicity have been seen in humans. The majority of the worlds supply is manufactured in bulk in China and then exported to the rest of the world.


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