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Main Sources of Riboflavin

There are many foods available that are considered as rich in Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin. There are around 7000 foods available in many database that when sorted, you can see the complete nutrition and vitamins especially riboflavin. Some example of foods rich in vitamin B2 comprises of brewer's yeast, liver, cheese, kidneys, milk, eggs, dried peas and whole-grain cereals.

Since riboflavin, as we all know is a water soluble vitamin, it cannot be generated by the body itself. We need to supply our body from the food we eat. Take note that riboflavin doesn’t only help in energy production but it produces other nutrients in the body to carry out various metabolic functions of the body.

Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 is an important nutrient needed by human body.  The good thing is that, it is present in many food sources. Dealing with a healthy lifestyle and eating balanced diet means no problem with getting enough vitamins like riboflavin.

Riboflavin can be found in animal foods and vegetables. Many considered that the richest natural of riboflavin is the Brewer’s yeast. Some examples of foods rich in riboflavin contents are dairies, not to mention milk, yoghurt, and cheese. Beef liver, sardines and eggs are also considered as rich in Riboflavin. Animals are not the only source for riboflavin but seafoods as well. This includes shellfish, herring, shad, eel, mackerel, trout and other oily fishes.

Broccoli, asparagus, collards, colocasia, carrot leaves, beets, spinach, lotus stem, turnips and other green leafy vegetables can also be a source for Vitamin B2. For Fruits, one can found riboflavin in custard apple, apricot, banana, papaya and raisins. Nuts such as pistachios, mustard seeds, soy nuts, walnuts, chilgozas and almonds are other excellent sources of riboflavin. You can also find them in whole grains and wheat extracts.

Remember that Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 works hand in hand with the other B vitamins. It is necessary that you are supplying your body all the vitamins and minerals essential for optimal bodily functions.


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