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Maintaining Endocrine Health

Maintaining endocrine health includes getting regular medical check-ups to determine the function of the liver, pancreas and thyroid glands. Endocrine disorders include diabetes, hyper or hypothyroidism and disorders of the pancreas, among others. Simple blood tests can determine the presences of diabetes and abnormally functioning thyroid gland. By determining abnormal levels of hormones of glucose in the blood, the physician can intervene with an effective medical treatment plan.  Endocrine health is also maintained by following the recommend treatment plan that the health care provider has devised. For example, diabetes can be effectively managed by eating a therapeutic diet and by taking anti-diabetic medications and controlling the weight. Thyroid gland disorders can be managed by taking thyroid medications, or in certain cases, removal of the thyroid gland. Other ways people can maintain endocrine health is by avoiding alcoholic beverages because drinking can worsen diabetes and promote disorders of the pancreas such as pancreatitis. This condition can cause severe abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.  By not maintaining primary endocrine health, people can experience secondary medical problems. For example when patients do not treat an under active thyroid gland, it can cause cholesterol and triglycerides to skyrocket. This can contribute to cardiovascular problems such as blocked arteries, blood clots, heart attack or stroke. In addition, problems with the thyroid gland can cause spikes in blood pressure, which can damage the kidneys. A general practitioner might refer his patients for further evaluation to an endocrinologist, a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disorders.


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