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Minerals for Cognitive Support

Our brains are perhaps the most treasured part of our bodies, because it is in our brains that our personalities lie. If there is one part of our body that we do not want to deteriorate, it is our brains. For this reason, cognitive support is an essential part of any health plan. There are many supplements and minerals that can be taken in order to aid cognitive support. There are several minerals that the brain needs in order for its biochemical processes to function properly. One of these minerals is selenium. This is an antioxidant mineral that helps to prevent free radicals from contributing to the deterioration of the human brain. There are many studies supporting the idea that free radicals are a strong contributor to the memory loss that comes with diseases such as Alzheimer's. Selenium can be found in high protein foods like eggs and meat. It may also play a part in reducing the likelihood of cancer. Manganese is another important mineral for brain function that helps nerve cells function properly. It can be found in many grains and cereals, as well as several teas. It may play an important part in preventing neurological problems that contribute to problems such as seizures. Lithium is a natural chemical that plays a big part in the proper functioning of the brain by reacting with neurotransmitters. In some cases, it may actually be prescribed by doctors to people suffering from depression and anxiety for this reason. Zinc is another element that plays an important part in memory function, since it is used in the production of many proteins throughout the body that are necessary for several biochemical reactions to take place.


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