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More on Folic Acid

Folic acid is a vitamin which is typically found in a vitamin B complex. It is responsible for maintaining and reproducing the DNA as well as RNA, which is known to be essential for the healthy growth of the fetus. It has been discovered that with pregnant mothers who regularly take folic acid throughout their pregnancy could be helped in reducing the risks to 50% of having severe birth defects on her baby.

Since folic acid is responsible in maintaining and reproducing DNA and RNA, researchers considered that folic acid could be beneficial in reducing the risks of having cancer. Folic acid apparently shows that it is capable of preventing the mutation of the cells which is the major cause of cancer. Researches specified that risks of having other type of cancer could also be reduced.

Some studies discovered that people who suffer from depression are often seen to have folic acid deficiency. It is believed that folic acid has the ability to reduce homecysteine level in the blood which could help in preventing depression. Consequently, homocysteine is linked with other various types of depression.

Some medical experts claim that folic acid can be the key against anemia which a condition characterized by having a vitamin B deficiency. They added that folic acid supplementation in complementary with vitamin B12 is one of the best ways to boost the red blood cell production in the body which is the main aim of treating the said disease.

With folic acid supplementation, the suggested daily dosage is about 400 micrograms. While with pregnant mothers the dosage is about 600 micrograms which should be taken daily. Folic acid supplements are urged not to be taken with more than 1000 micrograms of dosage for a day.


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