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Multivitamin For Energy Support

Well, no, a multivitamin is not taken for energy support. A multivitamin's ingredients work to make sure that other ingredients are able to be absorbed by the body for maximum use. Some of its ingredients cannot be useful to the body without its alter ego, meaning another ingredient that it can't work without. Energy has nothing to do with it. It takes energy to make energy. Energy is expressed in calories. It takes a calorie of energy to lift your finger. That energy cannot be facilitated without the energy obtained through foods to feed the musculature that lifted that finger. Energy comes from the foods we eat and is stored in the body in the form of fat cells. The musculature uses this energy to power the body and when it is burned off through exercise needs to be replaced by more foods. Energy support, therefore, becomes about a healthy diet to facilitate exercise to keep the muscles healthy. Foods that best support this are simple sugars contained in fresh fruits and vegetables. Proteins enter the picture as well, which are readily available through consuming fish and fowl which are leaner than red meats. Starches contained in pastas and breads are valuable as well in energy support. Complex sugars contained in prepackaged products are slower to be used by the musculature and mostly stored in fat cells. Multivitamins sustain the body's systems, whereas foods provide the calories of energy to keep the calories of the finger lifting.


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