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Musculoskeletal System

Yes, it does. Your skin is the wrapping paper on the box, or skeleton, that holds the innards, or muscles. Together, it is called the musculoskeletal system and it makes you run to catch the bus. Maintaining its health will make sure you run to catch that bus as long as humanly possible.  Everyone is aware by now of the necessity for physical fitness. It means healthy bones and muscles, which support your body and protect its vital systems. Its opposite means weak musculature, swollen joints and pain. Musculoskeletal health is about eating right, exercise, enough sleep, fresh air and stress control. Its benefits are unending. It's not just about bones and muscle. There are tendons, ligaments and bursae that are involved as well. These connect the bones and muscles, for they don't free float through the body. Bursae are fluid filled sacs around the joints that act as cushions in times of injury or stress to protect the joint. Keep the joints working out and you keep them strong enough to catch that bus. Age happens. The musculoskeletal system weakens with age. Working out and eating properly, however, will insure as healthy as the body can be, even into age. Healthy foods help, with Vitamin K for healthy bones and calcium found in fresh fruits and dark leafy green vegetables. You won't OD on fruits and vegetables so eat up! Work out! Be healthy!


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