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Natural Histamine Blockers

Natural Histamine Blockers

Simple allergies might be considered harmless but it surely gives one a life of discomfort at the constant presence of dust, seasonal pollen or certain foods. Runny nose, itchy and water eyes, sneezing, cough, itchy skin, rashes, hives, asthma-like symptoms, and other symptoms cause discomfort to anyone suffering them.

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Some allergies may be outgrown but some stick for a lifetime. Since they cannot be cured, the treatment is usually medications. These histamine blockers are very effective in preventing allergy reactions or lessening and eventually eliminating the symptoms. However, if you have been taking these medications for quite some time, you are bound to experience unwanted side effects at one point. This is why many of those who suffer from allergy switch to natural histamine blockers for long-term medication.

Natural histamine blockers are usually herbs that are either eaten or made tea or drink out of. Some foods also contain antihistamine properties. Whatever is the preferred natural histamine blocker, the natural ones contain little or no side effects.

Nettle is a stinging plant but is an effective natural histamine blocker. It helps relieve inflammation and also acts as an expectorant. It can be steamed as a vegetable and the pot liquor also provides other health benefits.

Another natural histamine blocker that is easily available is vitamin C. The recommended daily dose of 200mg is enough to help decrease mucus production, allergy sensitivity, inflammation and wheezing. Besides being an effective antioxidant, it also reduces histamine level in the blood by 40%.

Chamomile tea, besides being a relaxing drink, also has natural histamine blocker properties. Garlic is also mixed with different foods for its anti-allergen properties. The same is true with bananas. Intake of these should be on a daily basis for better results. It is also advisable to drink plenty of water during allergy season since there is fluid loss when allergic reaction occurs.

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