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Norepinephrine Explained

Norepinephrine Explained


Norepinephrine is one among the body’s important neurotransmitters and hormones highly required especially in times of stressful situations. But behind these goods are the facts that an unusual high level of norepinephrine in the body can be a cause of certain conditions such as having a high blood pressure. Knowing this can lead us to wondering if what may cause sudden rise in the level of norepinephrine in the body. But then again fact is that it is still one of the medical mysteries.

This neurotransmitter is related to N Acetyltyrosine, DL Phenylaline, and ExcitaCor.


Norepinephrine is a hormone naturally secreted in the human body via the adrenal medulla. It is basically a chemical and a neurotransmitter secreted the brain’s nerve endings. It is basically the one responsible for humans having a common sense on how to survive life but also the main reason behind human’s consciousness that further cause or inflict psychological torment.


Norepinephrine basically has two main roles in the human body. Being a neurotransmitter, it is responsible for human’s ability to emote, sleep, learn, dream, and become alert. On the other hand, norepinephrine is also a hormone that is being secreted in the brain especially in times of stressful situations. It works alongside with the epinephrine, and combines together to prepare the body during the activation of an involuntary fight-or-flight response. During the said process, they are responsible for increasing the blood flow in different areas of the body such as the brain and muscles, and also increase the heart rate.


The norepinephrine together with the epinephrine is the main components that help enabled the survival of human race since the beginning of man. Working complimentarily with each other, they are responsible for the activation of chemical reactions that leads to a fight-or-flight response. Everyone has this “natural gift” that we can instantly and sometimes unconsciously use in times of stressful events.




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