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Norepinephrine against Depression and Hypotension

Norepinephrine against Depression and Hypotension

Norepinephrine comes from synthesizing the dopamine by the beta-hydroxylase. It is a hormone secreted to the blood by the adrenal medulla. It is also present in the central and sympathetic nervous system, released from noradrenergic neurons in a form of a neurotransmitter. The effects of norepinephrine are instant and can result to a series of subsequent chemical processes inside the body while bonded to adrenergic receptors. When norepinephrine is used as a drug it increases the vascular tone via the activation of adrenergic receptor, therefore increases the blood pressure.

Since norepinephrine is a stress hormone it directly affects the parts of the brain where responding actions are controlled. Variations in the level of norepinephrine in the body may result to depression. Serotonin-norepinephrine inhibitors act as antidepressants by boosting the serotonin and norepinephrine level in the postsynaptic cells of the brain.

This neurotransmitter is related to Tyrosine Spray, Daxitrol, AdreCor, Balance D, ExcitaPlus, Calm PRT, and Avipaxin.

The effects of norepinephrine are not limited to treating depression and aiding the body’s fight-or-flight response, it is also now being used to cure patients with critical hypotension. As a vasopressor medication, norepinephrine acts on both alpha-1 and alpha-2 receptors that causes vasoconstriction when given intravenously to patients. As a result, it increases the blood pressure on alpha receptors and therefore increasing the resultant in the peripheral vascular resistance. Nowadays, norepinephrine is widely used to cure patients under septic and neurogenic shock states, and has shown greater effect over dopamine.

Norepinephrine is a precursor of tyrosine, which needed to be synthesized first before going through the synaptic vesicles. To do its functions, the norepinephrine must be first released into the synaptic left and acts as an adrenergic receptor. Once it passes through, either by surrounding cell uptake or by degradation, it will then communicate with alpha and beta receptors to be then transported in every organ where it is most needed.

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