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Nothing As Complicated As Boron

Boron was discovered in 1808 by French chemists. It is a form of metalloid, which is a cross between a metal and a non-metal. One of the main uses of boron is to make glass. It is also a flame retardant and antiseptic. It is a very complicated element. When put to flame, it turns a beautiful green color because of its properties.  It is very hard to make. As a compound it cannot be taken naturally from the earth, it has to be mixed with other chemical compounds to become a solid form. It is a very hard compound and has been paralleled to that of a diamond in strength. It is also a chemical agent in silicone and is used as a dopant. Boron has been found in trace amounts of soil and is what helps to strengthen plants stem walls. About 72% of the earth's boron is actually located in Turkey, even though the earth is only compromised of about .0001% boron. It is also prominent in the spring waters of some volcanoes. It is a very interesting element out of all the elements and is constantly being analyzed by scientists to determine new information. for modern use.


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