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Nutritional Benefits of Glutamate

Nutritional Benefits of Glutamate


Glutamate is a natural part of our food. Foods like cheese and ripe tomatoes have very high levels as well as other protein rich foods like meats, fish, milk and vegetables. Thus, it is found abundantly in nature. It is also produced by the human body that is a primary factor in human metabolism.


It is one of the common amino acids that serve as building blocks for protein. Its nutritional benefits provide the body with energy used for human metabolism.


This neurotransmitter is related to CysNAC, EndoPlus, EndoTrex, Nuvoxil, and TheaNAQ.

Glutamate is everywhere within the body. The body has the capacity to produce and store it in the brain, muscles and tissues. In fact, the body produces 40% of this every day. It acts as brain’s major neurotransmitter.


Other nutritional benefits include the following:


  • Enhances the ability of medications to kill cancerous growth for cancer patients.
  • Helpful in the treatment of arthritis, autoimmune diseases, fibrosis, connective tissue diseases and intestinal disorders such as ulcerative colitis and peptic ulcers
  • It brings back energy for the various cells of the immune system where strenuous exercise, viral and bacterial infections, and stress and trauma in general cause depletion of glutamate level and starve the immune cells. When the body gets injured or experiences an illness, it repairs muscles and aids in the production of immune system.
  • It protects the lining of the small and large intestines from the harmful effects of chemotherapy or radiation.
  • It prevents inflammation of the stomach caused by chronic use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications.
  • It protects the liver during chemotherapy and after severe inflammatory injury to the liver.
  • Helps individuals in advance stages of human immunodeficiency virus or HIV gain weight.


Studies said that food-derived glutamate is the main energy source of intestines. The blood brain barrier does not allow the passage of this into the brain; hence, the brain is left to make its own from glucose and other amino acids. This makes the body to work in balance and maintain its healthy state.

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