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Nutritional Facts of Vicia Faba

Nutritional Facts of Vicia Faba


Vicia Faba is very popular among all places in the world for its cooking uses. It is one of the most versatile bean species that ever been discovered. Some of its cooking uses include soups and salads, puree, fried beans, faba filling, chili beans and dried faba beans. Evidently, vicia faba has proven its worth in the world of cuisines. But you should be aware that vicia faba is not only useful when it comes to cooking. However, since you are fond of using vicia faba as ingredient to your favorite dishes, you should also be familiar with its nutritional facts.


If you are taking monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors, you should avoid vicia faba since it is known to be rich in tyramine. It also contains vicine, isouramil and convicine which may stimulate hemolytic anemia particularly to people who already has glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency or G6PD. Moreover, according to the elders, you should refrain yourself from eating raw vicia faba as it may cause constipation and jaundice-like symptoms.


Vicia faba can also be beneficial to your health as it is rich in L-Dopa which is proven effective to help in curing or treating Parkinson’s disease as well as hypertension or high blood pressure. Vicia faba also contain 25% protein given that it is dried. It also has calcium and iron that are good for the body. In addition, faba beans are known to contain vitamins such as riboflavin and vitamin c. Some people used broad beans as an alternative to medicines that can improve your urge to sex which include Viagra.


However, vicia faba can sometimes be harmful to your health or can cause unpleasant effect to your body. You should always remember and instill in your mind that it can only happen if you are not well aware of how to take it appropriately. Hence, you do not need to deprive yourself of having a taste to this wonderful plant. You still can eat it as much as you want given the fact that you have knowledge about its nutritional facts to prevent any unwanted effects on your body.

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