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On Restricting Methionine and The Longevity Of Life

On Restricting Methionine and The Longevity Of Life

This ingredient is contained in AdreCor NeuroScience, ExcitaCor, and ExcitaPlus

Methionine increases the process of metabolism in our body. This will then result in the increase in levels of all ROS cells in our body thus will speed the process of cell turnover or replacement which will also result in aging. It is a fact that if you reduce the production or intake of methionine in the body it will result in the reduction of metabolism thus turnover and aging process of cells will also decrease.  This is also evident in cases of caloric restriction that also promotes the longevity of life.

You should also be wary that restricting of any substance that is done severely will cause metabolism to slow down up to the point that it could make our mind and body to go into topor-like state or if it would not result to that damage to the brain will be the result.

Dietary restriction is one way of extending your life but there are also health consequences that you will have to suffer. Take S-adenosyl-L-methionine or SAMe, this is naturally made in the liver and functions as a precursor of protein production.  It also boosts various neurotransmitters in the brain which includes, dopamine, serotonin,norephinephrine and also aids in its conversion to epinephrine.  If the levels of these neurotransmitters are low, it will result to decrease in mental clarity, motivation and overall energy.

Researches have been made and it suggests that if people lower their intake of methionine, this will play a major role in the effects of caloric rectriction will increase the maximum longevity of life.  This has been evident in research studies done that shows how dietary restriction of methionine would result in about 42-44% increase in the life span. To simplify it all, to promote longevity restriction of reducing methionine intake is like doing the same thing as caloric restriction is theorized to be.

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