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One Scoop Of Antioxidants

Everyone has heard at one time or another that antioxidants are good for the body and that we should find foods that contain it. Foods rich in color like tomatoes, squash, cranberries and green leafy vegetable are to contain this anti-aging miracle. Some reports that you hear on the local television stations have suggested of drinking a glass of red wine everyday to take advantage of the benefits.

Studies have been conducted that are researching the effects of antioxidants and whether they help the body or not. In the past, it has been believed to help in warding off cancer and be beneficial for the heart. It is also being used in research to see if they can help suffers of Alzheimer’s, since antioxidants are already being used and has helped in those who have suffered a brain injury. Most of the studies are inconclusive that it is a cure, but researchers do know that having the essential vitamins and minerals is necessary for the body to heal and grow, and it is a combination of foods that help the most.

The immunity system of the body is vital for one to fight off infections, and by eating the proper foods that contain vitamins, minerals and other beneficial properties, will help the immune system working properly and keep us healthy. Any vitamin or mineral can be harmful if it is overused, but it can be agreed that a variety of a little bit of several different fruits and vegetables would be the best way to stay happy and healthy.


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