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Other Functions of Epinephrine

Other Functions of Epinephrine

The epinephrine commonly known as the adrenaline is popular for being a power booster for the body. The idea is simple, yet the processes involved are more complex than other usual body processes. To do this, the epinephrine gives the body a boost in essential energy so as to prepare it for the incoming danger and deal with it effectively. But, as the saying goes every good thing come with a price and so does the effect of epinephrine. In order for it to give the body its needed extra energy, some lesser prioritize processes were temporarily disabled, such as the process of metabolism.

This neurotransmitter is related to N Acetyltyrosine, DL Phenylaline, and ExcitaCor.

Other than the conventional functions of epinephrine, it is also beings used to aid several medical conditions. Epinephrine is the main drug used to treat anaphylaxis and is also useful in treating sepsis. The reason why adrenaline is used in the said treatment is that it has vasoconstrictive effects to the patient. Another common use of adrenaline is to pre-rinse the allergen extracts before doing immunotherapy in allergy patients.

Epinephrine is also a powerful drug that is being used nowadays to treat cardiac arrest patients and other related diseases such as cardiac dysrhthmias, a result of having a diminished cardiac output. The role of the adrenaline is to increase the body’s peripheral resistance via alpha-1 vasoconstriction and then binds the beta receptors to further increase the body’s cardiac output.

In addition, epinephrine is also now widely used to aide different forms of injectables such as anesthetics. Since epinephrine is a vasoconstrictor it has the ability to promote the body’s absorption ability and therefore prolong the effect of an anesthetic agent. Due to this, it is not clear yet whether some adverse effects of anesthetic use such as tremor and apprehension are caused by the epinephrine.

On the other hand, several preparations are first needed in order for the adrenaline to be used in the said practices. Aqueous preparations and in combination with either tartaric or hydrochloric acid then undergoing oxidation processes are the common types of preparation methods.


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