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Overview of Colostrum

A lot of new breastfeeding mothers are curious to know what that oily yellow substance is that comes out of the nipples right before their baby is born. This is something called colostrum. It s what the baby will eat in their newborn stage of eating. It is filled with all kinds of nutrients that are good for the baby such as protein and carbohydrates. This substance always come out of the nipple in the beginnings of a feeding and slowly turns into milk. It comes in small amounts, which is good for the baby since they can't ingest too much milk. Their tummies are extremely sensitive at this point so the smaller amount are concentrated with nutrition the newborn needs the most. It also helps the newborn to pass their first stools. These stools need the colostrum to pass. It's also well known that this substance serves as a sort of laxative for the baby and helps pass jaundice (which many babies have) when they are newborns.  Colostrom is one of those great features your body comes with when preparing for a new baby. It helps them fight off sickness as well and as a higher concentration of fighting agents than your regular breast milk doesn't carry. Colostrum is one of the bodies great wonders.


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