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PEA on Chocolates

PEA on Chocolates

This neurotransmitter is affected by Kavinace, DL-Phenylaline, and Daxitrol

 There is nothing more heavenly than the feeling of being in love and eating a box full of chocolates given by your ever dearest partner. It is in these times that you feel ever so carefree, that everything is okay even if it’s not. This are the moments we crave for, when you just feel high, at peace and happy. But love and chocolates share something even more complex than just the person who gives it to you, it is a chemical known as PEA.

 Phenylethylamine or PEA is a natural chemical compound that is created within the brain and released to the body giving us the feeling of being in a state of euphoria. It acts as a mild mood elevator and an anti-depressant, and it helps heighten focus and alertness. This is also the substance responsible for making us feel high and in love. This addicting state however does not last for long because the effects of PEA diminishes and becomes shorter as time goes by. For the feeling of being in love with a partner it will last about 18 months, but for the single ladies out there, every bite of chocolate will send you back to the feeling when you had your first love.

PEA cannot only be found in the brain, chocolates also have this wonderful substance. This is the reason why women crave for chocolates when they are depressed or whenever they want comfort. The effects of PEA produced by the human brain is the same with the effects of PEA in chocolate, they are of course the same substance. Eating chocolates makes one feel happy and released from stress as with the feeling when the body releases this to the bloodstream.

 Love is as addictive as chocolates and PEA is the ultimate drug that is the culprit.


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