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PEA versus Depression

PEA versus Depression

This neurotransmitter is affected by Kavinace, DL-Phenylaline, and Daxitrol

PEA is widely regarded as the “love drug”. The reason behind it is that it mimics the state of the brain feeling in love. Basically, when the level of PEA in the body is optimum it affects the mood of the person by relieving depression which can lead to a feeling of love. Phenylethylamine acts a mood elevator in the body which is surely a good thing for anyone.

Phenylethylamine can be got through eating sweets especially chocolates. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why some broken hearted women love to munch on chocolates. Some medical experts make use of PEA as a treatment for several disorders. PEA is a natural and physiological treatment being used to cure mild to severe forms of depression. An optimum level of phenylethylamine in the body gives additional energy as well as promotes good mood. Otherwise PEA deficiency could lead to a tired, weak, and sluggish feeling. Additionally, they say that treating with PEA has also good side effect which is that it rapidly restores well-being.

A clinical experiment was done on a number of depressed patients. They were then given PEA supplements and as an observation they found out that PEA works on relieving depression very fast. They saw improvements in a matter of hours to days and there are no evidences that suggest toxic effects, abuse or tolerance. Also, before the treatment they made tests to measure the levels of PEA in those depressed individuals and noticed that all show a low level of it in their body.

This leads to the conclusion that the body’s level of phenylethylamine has a direct effect on depression. They also added that depression is a similar illness to diabetes, which is a disease that can occur from insulin deficiency. Similar to each other they can be cured both by administering their subsequent complementary drugs which are PEA and insulin.

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