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Patterns of Sleep

Sleep is a fuel to the emotional vitality as well as physical health of an individual. Basically, on how many sleeping hours an individual need depends on their stage of development, age as well as gender. With how much sleep an individual is required for staying alert, active and healthy depends on the person’s age and differs from being a male or a female. Furthermore most adult men and women need at least 7 to 8 hour of sleep or more every night.

Even though the majority men and women should have about 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night, each one usually have different sleep patterns. Women frequently sleep much more than men do and usually have a lighter sleep which they are easily disturbed. Most women have sleep disorders which are undiagnosed.

Troubles that could disrupt the sleep of women include depression, distressful life events such as hormonal alteration associated to menopause, pregnancy as well as restless legs syndrome and disruptive sleep apnea. In addition, medical conditions such arthritis, fibromyalgia and back pain could also be a factor.

Certain research illustrates that men habitually lose sleep over stress associated with their jobs. Men also have the tendency of taking sleep for granted which results of staying up longer. At present, by just helping out on taking care of the children as well as doing some household chores could add up to the stress on men. Added stress that could possibly make men lose sleep comprises some life issues, medical troubles such as substance abuse, heart disease and depression.

If an individual considers the need of expert advice regarding his/her lack of sleep, an excellent suggestion is to monitor a sleep record for a week. This record would help out medical doctors to obtain a precise representation of an individual’s history of sleep. Consequently, medical doctor may provide and recommend an effective medication.


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