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Possible Interactions of Taurine

Possible Interactions of Taurine

This neurotransmitter is affected by Nuvoxil and Taurine


Many people suffer from different diseases, unfortunately almost everybody have more than one illness. If you are taking taurine for medication, you should be familiar with the possible interactions of taurine which is vital to your health as taurine may be dangerous if found to mixed up with certain medications. Moreover, to protect you thoroughly from any harmful effect that this can result, you should always have a doctor to guide you while you are under taurine medication.


Taurine sometimes has a water pill effect. Taurine if interacts with lithium, can cause increase in the amount of lithium in the body. If this happens, you can expect for a more harmful effects to your health. So if you are under lithium medication you should consult a doctor and seek for an advice if you can blend both medications. Aside from that, taurine can also result to damaging effect if taken with insulin and steroid. Most of the body-builders are known to take taurine for a more efficient and hard work out sessions. There is one reported case of encephalopathy after a body-builder took taurine along with steroid and insulin. Though doctors have not made any statement that taurine has caused the said illness, it has been proven that taurine should not be taken along with steroid and insulin.


Though there have been no other harmful taurine interactions reported aside from those given, it is still advisable to seek for professional help from licensed physicians when it comes to taking taurine . By doing so, you can have a full understanding on how it can help you and what it can do to your body system and health. All medications can possibly have harmful effects to health when taken without proper precautions. Always play it safe, never take taurine without consulting a doctor to prevent you from suffering to any  harmful effects that may occur due to wrong dosage or wrong taurine medication.

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