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Probiotics a food supplement protects the body from harmful bacteria and aids digestion. You can add probiotic supplements through your diet by eating yogurt, drinking fermented milk, miso and some juices and soy drinks. When reading labels for probiotics look for live active cultures that help fight bacteria in your body. Some probiotics come in the form of tablets and capsules that you can take daily.  There is some exciting research that supports the use of probiotics to help a number of health problems. Probiotics help treat diarrhea after taking antibiotics for awhile. It has been used to treat irritable bowl syndrome and reduce symptoms. Researchers have shown that the product reduces intestinal infections in the bladder. Sometime it is used to treat eczema in children and adults.  In short probiotics are good bacteria that help your body fight illnesses and aid digestion. They are already part of the normal digestive system so they are considered safe to take. Balancing the good and bad yeast in the body helps prevent certain diseases. Even tooth decay is caused by bacteria that are harmful so taking a probiotic helps with his condition. They should be taken to maintain good health not cure a serious illness. Before you take probiotics consult with your doctor to see if it fits into your lifestyle. Probiotics are a good health supplement to take to maintain and improve overall health.


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