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Proper Dosage of Taurine

Proper Dosage of Taurine

This neurotransmitter is affected by Nuvoxil and Taurine


Like any other drugs, taurine medication should be taken with proper dosage. If you are taking taurine and you are not aware of its proper dosage, then you might be facing serious side effects. Taurine may be very helpful for some people who are suffering from illnesses that taurine can cure, but wrong dosage of it can result to a more significant health danger. In order for you to determine the proper dosage of taurine, here are some recommended taurine dosages for particular medical treatments.


In general, if the taurine taken by both adult and children did not exceed the dosage of 3,000 mg in a day, it is completely safe. However taking more than 3,000 mg a day can be already dangerous to you without proper supervision. For congestive heart failure patients, a usual 2-6 grams of taurine per day is recommended. While for patients suffering from acute hepatitis the proper dosage is 4 grams of taurine taken 3 times daily for 6 weeks is the proper dosage. Prolonged taking of taurine supplements or medication are not advisable as it may result to harmful side effects. Pregnant women are also not advised to take taurine. Even if there has been no evidence of negative effects of taurine to pregnant women, it is still safer to avoid Taurine during pregnancy.


Knowing the proper dosage of taurine medication can help you improve your health condition. However, without proper supervision by the doctors and professionals, you can always end up with regrets. To be able to achieve the health condition that you are aiming in taking taurine, you should always follow the doctors’ recommendation and prescription. Never risk your health by taking wrong dosage of Taurine. Some people tend to ignore the significance of proper drug dosage and end up having more serious illnesses. Do not make the same mistake. Seeking for the doctors’ advice is still the best option for you.

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