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Proper L Lysine Dosage

The L-lysine overdose could cause in certain severe allergic reactions for some individuals. There are known cases wherein side effects of L-lysine have been serious. The swelling of lips, tongue and face as well as troubles in breathing and clogging of the throat were some of the severe symptoms seen on individuals who have excessively taken supplements of L-lysine.

The Food and Drug Administration in the U.S have not yet approved the supplements of L-lysine for the treatment for certain ailment or disease. Therefore, it must not be taken as an alternative for prescription drugs. The major explanation for such statement by FDA is that there are potential side effects and risks with such supplement that have several medications however it still under researches.  

One main reason demonstrating hidden side effects on the supplements of L-Lysine wherein several herbal supplements are marketed which contains such amino acid that has been discovered to be contaminated with harmful drugs as well as heavy metals. In addition, there are no known production standards for such supplements. L-Lysine overdose could cause a condition which may be life threatening.

With individuals who are suffering from diseases concerning the kidney, liver and heart as well as certain allergic reactions are advised strictly against supplements of L-lysine intake. Moreover, its effects on nursing infants and pregnant mothers are having some uncertainty. Therefore, pregnant mothers could take such supplementation in a condition that a qualified health doctor has prescribed and advised the use of it.

Excessive supplements of L-lysine consumption have revealed a noticeable increase in levels of bad cholesterol and also caused stomach cramps, gallstones and diarrhea. The increased level of bad cholesterol could lead to various respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. It is always helpful to consult any health care provider prior to the use of such supplementation.


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