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Properties and Benefits of Histidine

Properties and Benefits of Histidine

One of the 20 most common natural amino acid is Histidine, a semi-essential amino acid useful for children. Adults however produce adequate amount of histidine in the body. This amino acid is the direct producer of histamine; it is also an important source of carbon atoms in the synthesis of purines. As an amino acid, this may be found naturally and commonly in meat and dairy products as well as grains and wheat. Histidine may not be required for daily and healthful diet but necessary during years of rapid growth.

Histidine also produces histamine, a very essential physiological substance normally found on the body’s intestine. This substance is vital to stimulate sexual arousal. It also helps prevent and treat sexual dysfunctions. When histidine is combined with pyridoxine and niacin, it boosts sexual pleasure. Research shows that an increase take of this amino acid may result to prolonged orgasms during sexual intercourse and intense sexual enjoyment.

In addition to this, it also helps produce gastric juices for our digestive system to ensure normal food digestion. Research shows that people suffering from poor and abnormal food digestion may be treated with histamine. It is also needed to support the immune system to determine when allergic reactions occur in the body, so that it may act accordingly.

There are no known signs of toxicity from histidine. Large amount of histidine can cause premature ejaculation, reduces levels of zinc and possibly trigger an allergic or asthmatic reaction (due to increases in histamine). Long-term supplementation with Histidine may give rise to a copper deficiency and raise blood cholesterol levels. L-histidine is generally well tolerated. There are no reported side effects of histidine but it is proven that high levels of this amino acid in the body may cause mental disorders, anxiety and stress. Medical supervision is vital for histidine supplement intake especially to people suffering and diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar (maniac) depression. It is advisable to first consult their physician to avoid unwanted issues.

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