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Protein and Betaine

Betaine is actually a group of compounds that are used by physicians in the treatment of homocystinuria. This is a condition that is inherited in which one’s body is not able to break down certain proteins causing a buildup in the blood. This compound is neutral in its chemical makeup.

Betaine is prescribed in either powder, tablet or capsule form. The usually dosage difference according to the condition it is used to treat. If one is just taking it for homocystinuria, the adult dosage is 6 g per day. But if one is taking it for cardiovascular disease, then most doctors prescribe between 1,500 and 3,000 mg per day.

When taking betaine, be sure and follow the directions on the prescription faithfully. You also need to eat or drink the mixture immediately after preparing it. Betaine unfortunately does not cure homocystinuria, it only controls it. It helps reduce the potentially toxic levels of homocysteine. This is important because it puts the patient at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease at an early age, even as early as their 20s.

Some naturally occurring sources of betaine are broccoli, broccoli, shellfish, beets and spinach.

Be sure and keep your doctor informed about any changes in your health and any other medications, whether over the counter or prescription that you are taking as these may have some adverse reactions with betaine.


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