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Quick Facts on AKBA

Quick Facts on AKBA

You can find all NeuroScience supplements here at NeuroFormulas including the AKBA-containing product NorLox.

There is a frequent question regarding AKBA supplements often sited by users. They are wondering whether or not the body is able to metabolize effectively the AKBA components once taken. As a quick answer is that the way AKBA is metabolized by the body depends on what other foods one has taken before taking up the supplement. Some foods can slow the action of AKBA, while some enhances its effects. Fatty foods contain components that allows proper metabolism of AKBA in the body, therefore boosting its effects.

AKBA promotes preservation of the joint cartilage’s structural integrity, as well as help in the maintenance of a balanced immune mediator at the cellular stage and helps promote healthy gastrointestinal. There are however different mixtures of AKBA depending on the pharmaceutical company who created it which varies in the AKBA content. Some are just like the typical boswellia extracts and some goes as high as ten times the regular AKBA content in a dietary supplement. In addition to the findings on the benefits of AKBA, recent researchers also found out that it may also be beneficial in promoting immune compounds’ healthy gene expression.

Since asthma is mainly due to allergic reactions of the body that leads to air passageway inflammation, it can be cured with a substance that helps treat or lessen the inflammation. Acetyl-11-Keto-Beta-Boswellic Acid or simply AKBA is a natural ingredient coming from the resin extracts of Boswellia serrata tree and is known to aid inflammation.

Boswellic acids has the ability to control biosynthesis of leukotriene by maintaining a healthy activity of 5-lipoxygenase or 5-LO. Medical experts found out that among different types of boswellic acids, AKBA is considered as the most safe and effective. AKBA extracts are being widely used nowadays as an active ingredient in some dietary supplements combined with other ingredients to promote physical and mental health. These supplements are available in selected medical stores and even in online shops.

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