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Refurbish Your Good Night Sleep With Theanine

Refurbish Your Good Night Sleep With Theanine


This ingredient is contained in Nuvoxil, a popular Neuroscience product.

“Sleep, I can get enough of you.” Is this what you usually feel each time you wake up in the morning? If yes, then you are suffering from insomnia. Insomnia is a sleep disorder problem which is commonly related to sleep apnea. A person with insomnia has sleep apnea too. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder too. It is when a person is unconsciously snoring too loud, that as if he/she is having a hard time to breathe. Engaging with these issues every night will affect your day as you wake up. Work performance is always affected and that will worst affect your deal with your co-workers and bosses.


People with sleep disorder always rely on medicines, however not all medicine is safe. Other’s also believed on the power of natural remedy. One natural remedy for sleep disorder is ingesting food rich in theanine.  Theanine is an amino acid naturally produced by tea plants. This is usually present in green teas. 


How does theanine normalize the sleep process?

Theanine act as stimulant that calms the brain. You’ll stay alert and focus as you take theanine through drinking green teas during day time and relaxed your body and mind when asleep. It was actually the dopamine and serotonin in the brain that calms the brain process and gives the soothing feeling but this is due to the increase of theanine in the body which can be attain by drinking green teas. The right amount of theanine produce by the body can greatly affect the brain function and that means getting enough sleep. Be sure to take the right dosage of theanine everyday. The suggested quantity is 100-200 milligrams a day which can be attain by drinking 5-20 cups of green tea a day. You may not be able to attain the suggested cups of green tea a day however you can try high grade green tea which may contain 50 milligrams of theanine. So, if an individual need 100-200 milligrams of theanine a day taking 2 cups of high grade green tea is equivalent to 100 milligrams. Enjoy the cup of tea a day and get enough sleep every day.

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