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Rejuvenate Anti Aging Estriol Face Cream Information

Manufacturer: BioGenesis Click here to Buy Rejuvenate Anti-Aging Estriol Face Cream by Biogenesis

- Reduces wrinkles - Diminishes pore size - Improves skin elasticity - Increases skin collagen content - Rejuvenating, tonic effect on skin of the face/neck - No systemic side effects, local effect only - Delivers the safest estrogen fraction to the skins estrogen receptors

As normal estrogen levels decrease with age, estrogen receptors may lose tone. The result may be dryness, sagging, and wrinkling of the skin coupled with loss of elasticity and increased pore size.

Rejuvenate Cream supplies safe, plant-based, bioidentical estrogens to support the collagen matrix underlying the skin. The result may be firmer, smoother, suppler skin.

Physician developed estrogen face cream delivers the safest Estrogen Fraction, Estriol (E3), to estrogen deficient receptors in the face and neck.

Topically applied Estriol can alleviate symptoms of aging in the skin of the face and neck that are due to natural reductions in hormone synthesis.

The Estriol found in Rejuvenate Cream has the exact chemical structure as hormones that are naturally made by the human body.

The prevalent effects of topical Estriol at this dosage are localized and are displayed only on the skin’s epithelial surface. No generalized or systemic side effects have been noted.

“Both Estriol and Estradiol treatment induced significant increases of collagen fibers and striking increases of collagen III. These findings support the role that estrogens play in the dermis and may serve as an explanation for the clinical observations of increased firmness and significantly less wrinkling during treatment.” – International Journal of Dermatology 1996

“Estrogen deficiency in an important factor in skin aging in premenopausal women, topical treatment reverses some of the changes in aging skin.” - International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding. Aug. 1998 “So far estrogen compounds, and in particular Estriol, represents a new and promising therapeutic approach towards skin aging in premenopusal women.” – International Journal of Dermatology 1996

“After treatment for 6 months, elasticity and firmness of the skin markedly improved and wrinkle depth and pore size had decreased by 61% to 100%. Furthermore, skin moisture had increased and the measurement of wrinkles revealed significant or even highly significant decreases in wrinkle depth.” - International Journal of Dermatology 1996.

Click here to Buy Rejuvenate Anti-Aging Estriol Face Cream by Biogenesis

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