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Rhodiola Rosea and Women Its Uses and Side Effects to Women

Rhodiola Rosea and Women Its Uses and Side Effects to Women

This ingredient is contained in Calm PRT, AdreCor, ExcitaCor, and ExcitaPlus.

Rhodiola rosea is an herb that is said to have many health benefits for both men and women. Clinically, the herb is an adaptogen which helps the human body to resist and adapt (as the word implies) to physical, chemical and biological stressors. It has also been used as a tonic herb in some places around the world.


There are specific benefits that Rhodiola can give to its women users. It includes mental and physical performance enhancement. Rhodiola is a cardio-protective herb, which means that it helps normalize heart rate after some extreme work-out. It also improves the memory since it aids in the increase of blood supply to the brain and muscles. It also increases protein synthesis.


It also stimulates and enhances the body’s immunity. As an adaptogen, rhodiola is best known for its ability to reduce stress, which makes it aid in strengthening the body's capability to resist illnesses and other harmful effects of stress.


Moreover so, in spite its wide range of good use and benefits, Rhodiola also has known side effects, as other herbs do. Rhodiola rosea is known to be a stimulant, therefore, if too much is taken, you may experience an increased heart rate and higher blood pressure. It can also cause irritability and irritability—these are similar to the effects of other stimulants such as caffeine.


Just like other stimulants, a woman may become addicted to the herb. If you find yourself needing and wanting to take the herb more often than what is necessary or in order to the same level of stimulation, seek a physician’s advice if you must discontinue use of the herb altogether.


Studies have also been done on the effects of Rhodiola rosea intake while a woman is pregnant or breast feeding. But still, women should avoid consuming Rhodiola while expecting or lactating, because higher doses of it can be toxic and may be passed on through the umbilical cord or breast milk to the baby.

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